Sport Canterbury Initiates Post-Earthquake Renewal for Sport and Recreation

The twisted remains of the Medway St. Bridge, Avon Corridor Sport Canterbury appointed L&R New Zealand Ltd to undertake pre-feasibility research and consultations regarding future new provision for sports and recreation within Christchurch’s Avon River Corridor. The project was undertaken by Jackie Fanning, Principal, L&R New Zealand. Jackie was advised on the process by one of the UK’s leading sports & leisure consultants, Gerry Carver, founder of L&R International.

Most of the previous facilities were lost in Christchurch’s major earthquake. This preliminary exercise identified future, potential sport and recreation needs within the wider parameters of the area. The project assimilated all relevant information and consulted community, statutory and other interested organisations. The initial work provided a sound basis for a future feasibility stage, where all the practical details of potential provision can be assessed.

Geoff Barry the CEO of Sport Canterbury said:  “This is one of our ‘flag ship’ projects around Earthquake Recovery. The Avon Corridor presents an environmental advantage that can be leveraged for the benefit of the wider community, including sport and recreation, the local economy and education, and in the interests of ecology and events. It will support social networks, community health and local business.  Alongside the revitalization of the Central City, the enhancement of the Avon Corridor will act as a magnet to establish Christchurch as one of the world’s most livable cities.”