Welcome to L&R New Zealand

The L&R New Zealand Consultancy was established in 2008 by Jackie Fanning in conjunction with L&R International’s European operation and:

  • Offers a broad range of practical project development, research, policy and planning services across the recreation & reserve planning and community development sectors.
  • Provides a high quality service to clients through clear communication, a logical approach, clear presentation of issues, and concise report writing.
  • Takes pride in developing a good rapport with clients and stakeholders; working with people from various backgrounds including community ‘ grass-roots’ groups, professionals and specialists.
  • Reflects its experience when dealing with complex situations where there are many stakeholders and diverse views, and ensures clarity and a way forward.

L&R New Zealand’s specialist consultancy service includes:

  • Planning & Policy Studies
  • Recreation Analysis
  • Reserve Management
  • Community needs assessments and project planning
  • Countryside Interpretation

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Dunedin’s main beach
Dunedin Ice Stadium